Our focus is always on people and culture.

about us

We offer advice and consultancy to global organizations that are going through transition from managing growth to culture realignment to business change.

We are organizational architects from career frameworks to business restructuring to talent intelligence.

We have expertise in career paths, talent and succession planning, career coaching and psychometric assessments.

We work with leaders to build their reputation as the thought leader of their field. We support on the personal branding, speaking assignments and presentations.

We run corporate and ‘not-for- profit’ conferences, design the program, source the speakers, pre and post event and press management, and direct the whole performance.

We offer state of the art toolkits on business change from coaching managers at each stage of the process to providing ready-to- go guides, podcasts, FAQs and tools at every step of the process. These can be purchased as a ‘vanilla’ product or customized for your organization.

who we are

Dr Susan Hetrick, Founder and CEO, is an accomplished HR practitioner, has worked for leading global organisations such as the World Bank Group, RBS, HSBC, Aegon, Deloitte Consultancy and the Arab Banking Corporation

A successful leader accomplished in building HR functions and delivering award winning outcomes: from talent management and acquisition (C-suite), employee relations, M&A, leadership, career development, as well as employment policies and practices for global firms.

Susan is a published author on Corporate Culture, Reputations and Employer Branding

She is regarded as the C-Suite’s ‘go-to’ trusted advisor to design and lead enterprise wide corporate interventions such as culture and transformational change programs.

Susan is an engaging and expert presenter on corporate culture, values and people management. She asks why culture matters for corporate success, and shows how the lessons learned are important for us now and for the next generation. She is also a conference moderator and has moderated conferences at the World Bank Group.

Corporate Reputations, Branding and People Management: A Strategic Approach to HR (Advanced HR Practitioner)

The book helps HR practitioners understand corporate-level concepts and their relevance to the key strategic agendas of organizations by drawing on a wide range of ideas from branding, marketing, communications, public relations and reputation management.

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Susan presented at our recent conference, and she was inspiring, insightful and engaging

Dr. Hetrick is our leadership’s trusted adviser because she delivers!